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hi! thank you so much for stopping by

I Really Appreciate Every Single Person That Takes The Time To Come And Get To Know Me 🙂

My Name Is Gipsy (As In Really, Really, LoL – People Always Ask Me – My Mom Wanted Me To Have An Unusual Name, Although These Days I Suppose It Sounds Normal)

I Am A 40-Year-Old Mom To A 4-Month-Old Baby Girl And A 13-Year-Old Boy. Oh And 2 Incredibly Naughty And Busy Jack Russel Terriers!

I Was a Single Mom For 11 Years Before My Husband Came Into My Life. To All The Single Mommas Out There, I Get It, It’s Hard!

But Being A Mom Isn’t Always Easy No MatterWhat Your Relationship Status – I Get That Too.

I Live With Bipolar Disorder And For Many Years It Was Super Difficult To Manage My Life – These Days It’s Just A Bit Easier 🙂

I Used To Be An Accountant My Entire Adult Life, But I Was Never Happy (It Was Seriously Soul-Sucking For Me) And Between The Coronavirus and Some Other Life Events, I Was Forced To Try Something New.

That Was When Butterfly Learning And Frozen Cactus Were Born. Well, Actually It Took About 2 Years Of Learning And Researching And Second Guessing My Abilities, But We Are Finally Here, And It’s STILL A Work-In-Progress, Probably Always Will Be 🙂

That’s The Short Version Of My Life.

I Hope To Bring You:

  1. Lots Of Information On Education And Activities For Your Little Ones
  2. Maybe Some Advice On Raising Teenagers (When I Figure It Out)
  3. Information On and My Experience Living and Dealing With Bipolar Disorder and Depression
  4. Some Organizing/Just Dealing With The Chaos Of Life Tips
  5. Information And Tips On How To Get Started Making Printables And Selling Them – Use My Shortcuts (Don’t Take 2 Years!)
  6. Some News From My Corner Of The World – South Africa!

Let Me Know What Else You Want To Know And I’ll Definitely Make A Blog Post About It

Again, Thank You So Much For Stopping By – I appreciate Each And Every Like, Comment and Share From The Bottom Of My Heart!

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